Thursday, September 15, 2005

I've done it!!

Ok folks after almost 10 hours of pain, i finally did it.

The pictures a little blured but hey i'm running an underground OS, who cares. I would explain the lengths that i had to go to actually pull this off but it wasn't nice and it has actually taken me almost 5 hours to do, but man is nice, just in case anyone thinks it's fake...

So this makes me a L33T underground hacker right? No not quite, but i did go wardriving and found about 600 wifi networks in central london. Anyways as this isn't a technology blog i'll back away from it now :(
10 Days left... I got most things sorted, bar a place to live, nothing like living on the edge. Otherwise i'm good Got my new HDD(couldn't resist) Well i'm gonna go play with OSX cya all later.

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