Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sooo Tired

Well i'm back from Jason's Party/pub crawl. It was pretty wild, but i certainly had fun. The only reason i'm still up is cause i just ate.
Anyway's my lovely copy of OSX86 is almost here, 98% i can almost taste the aqua... Anyhow i was considering trying out the Vista beta too while i'm try out beta's.
After visting 4 pubs and opting out of "Lava" i walked home, my legs are still aching, and i really want to sleep but i feel to full to go to bed just yet, it's gonna be fun tomorrow cause i gotta go to church at like about 8.
Well i feel sleeply now so i'll post again tomorrow

Quote of the Day
You watch one day i'll catch ya

The bouncer at the Hogg's Head refering to Jason non-existant crack habit.

1 comment:

NikBiz said...

ahh glad you had fun my tap-dancing friend.
Now.... go out on that dusty old street and make yaself some dollar!