Saturday, October 08, 2005

Jon's getting a new Gadget

Ok all you folk should remember my lovely Clie, that has served me well for about a year and a half, well hopefully I should be decking the PDA halls with Whoo, hell yeah's. Cause I hope to upgrade by the end of this month. To this...

Sweet no, Wifi, Bluetooth, built-in flash drive(I think), massive screen, and SD cards!! Anyone who's ever brought a memory stick will understand my joy.

How much is this bad boy gonna cost, about £200 i estimate, i hope it's that much, it better be, otherwise I'm not getting it :( So you must be wondering with what money, wellthat'ss what studentloanss and parents are for, and jobs and benefit cheques. But i don't know much about the last two.

Anyway my mum came up to visit me today, took me back to the that niceChinesee place we went to the first day i was down here. AnywaysIi gotta a go to church(yes u read that right), and meet my friend David in town so till another day seeyaha later people...

Quote of the Day
"You have to wait till their about six, before you can begin to seriously beat them"

Please don't report my mum to NSPCC, she was just fustrated with how nice a child i was.

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