Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's not so sunny any more

Right it rained yesterday after i had done my weekly shop, and i mean it really rained, hail, wind the whole shabang. Anyways while my shopping got wet, i could rest assured at my world class budgeting skills...

I might not have mentioned it in the past, but since i've been here the fire alarm has gone off at least four times. All of these times have been in the early morning, around 2am, or 3am in the case of today. Now this alarm isn't quiet by any stretch of the imagination, it will wake you up, unless you've smoked, and drunk your way into your bed in the first place. This thing is serious. Anyway its always a joy to watch those people who where either in the shower, sleep naked, or do other "things", pile up outside the main entrance to the block in towels and such with a look on their face that could strip paint from walls. The worse bit is that by the time you get to the ground floor and get outside it stops and you don't even get a chance to socialize.

In other news i didn't see "n" on tuesday, however i did see her yesterday, but she was busy at the time so i had to leave it. theres always another day, time, place. So no news on that front.

Anyway after panicing about some work i thought i had to have done for today, it turns out that the lecture is tomorrow, which is a nice thing, just means i got to crank it out tonight, the wonderfully organized uni student that i am.

Anyway thanks for all the be yourself advice (i watch TV too you know), i'll check with you all another day.

Quote of the Day
A "Shall we set off the fire alarm"
me "Isn't that the wrong way to get back at the people that just set it off"
B "i think we should do it, i 'll cover the camera, and you hold a lighter under the detector"
me "this is how it starts"

Doing the exact same thing someone else did to you isn't exactly what i would call revenge

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