Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jon's gone l33t haxor

So i'm sitting there, thinking i wanna use Bit-torrent. then the idea hits me, i'm not the only person in the world who likes downloading legal content via bit torrent.
so i created "Higher Hacks", in like four hours. Higher Hacks is a website slaved to exploiting holes, in school, college, and university networks.

You can visit what is basically the shell, of the site here, and don't forget to tell your friends, Plus we are hiring so if anyone wants to write feel free to try out, but i won't practice any favouritism, after all if your not l33t, you just aren't good enough to be among the haxor's.

Anyway it's not a plan to take over the world just my attempt to get some p2p action happening =)

Oh here's what the site should look like when i've finished designing/making it.

Nice don't you think? i might change the colour to a more greeny kinda a colour but the blue was kinda of premade, so i took it, plus i like blue.

In other news i went to bed at 5 am this morning, cause i'm we had a party on our floor, you know how it is.

So finally don't forget

Quote of the Day
A "what are you guys doing?"
B "Looking up pictures of hot chicks"
A "Just go to Google and put in PORN, and a ton of sites come up"
me "that's not what we wanted"

Sometimes things aren't exactly what they appear on the surface, always think carefully and wait before you speak

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