Sunday, December 18, 2005

Return of the blogger

Season's greetings to you all.

I'm still in fair old southampton. I'm working every day from now till christmas eve. Now the nice thing is that my flats virtually empty. Out of the ten of us there is only me and ashley left, and we both head out on christmas eve. The same is true for most other people. It's a nice atmosphere as a result. As a result we spend a lot of time in other flats, hang out, and winding down, after serving the fair public of hampshire.
Now the big news of the year is that i'm changing course, thats right, halt any crimes, as i won't be able to defend you! Instead i'm going to do "Internet Application development" with will allow me to do cool "AJAX"(Asyncronous Javascript and XML), like gmail and such. Why the change i hear you scream, well law is hard, not impossible but hard. Unfortunately i don't believe i'm passionate about the subject, or at least not enough to get a 2/1.
However there is one problem, my course doesn't start till september, so i'm gonna try and sort something out, and might possibly end up moving out of halls for 8 months, do the whole holding down a job thing, and then restart next year.
As of yet, i don't think i'm moving home, or at least i don't want to, as i would have to give up my job, which i a, like; & b, will need next year.
Well how about that oil depot, and nothing happens in hemel...
Finally i'll try and see as many of you as i can when i get back, i might only be around for a week as i need to get back down here and look for somewhere to live, but in honesty i kinda miss you all and because i'm a cheapskate, i never call, have you seen pay as you go charges!.

Merry christmas everyone, and i'll see you soon-ish

Quote of the Day
"boom, boom, play it forward"

Don't ask, but a friend who happens to a girl, thereby debunking the "jon's gay" myth, of mine says this sentence a lot

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