Tuesday, July 25, 2006

To my IE Brethen

You might have noticed are alot of things are broke in your browser, well here's a shocker for you, i really don't care. Let me put it in C in case you don't understand

#include <stdio.h >

int userBrowser

switch (userBrowser){
case (1){
printf("Danger, Danger IE Detected /n");
case (2){
printf("Welcome Lynx user! /n");
/* How user access to */

return 0;

Also i got a new best pal, and no we don't hold hands, or hug when we hear music, We look at overpriced hamocks, and perfume on ebay instead. You can see her severely out of date blog/site/thing here

Quote of the Day
Ele "It's made by a no-name indie production company, i had to sign a contract that said i couldn't get any money later, and i wasn't allowed to speak, I know it sounds like a softcore porn movie, but's it not"

The devil's in the details...

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