Saturday, July 29, 2006

How, What, Why and prehaps even When

Blogger:- Someone who sits in front of their computer and does diddy squat, and then randomly posts about something.

Well, it's only a couple of months before i head off for the "sunny" shores of the south coast. Tell the truth, i'm excited, i'm not sure if it's the prospect of Drug influenced flat mates getting on with my course, but i really can't wait.

I got it all planned out, i think, Jokes, "in's", outfits, gags, drink preferences, party tricks, alternative names.

Anyways, i wanted to a have a final signoff with all my friends If your reading this chances are your my friend. I believe Underview is having a concert at indy jax, on the sept 9th, i should be out of here shortly after, so i think i'll make it my swan song, but then who said i can't have two parties...

Now if you excuse me i got to execute,


Quote of the Day
Tim said @ 5pm on a friday "I'm only just starting my daily work now"

Flash video isn't as easy as everyone makes out.

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