Saturday, August 05, 2006

Treating my friends better

As an introverted person i tend to treat those around like crap, at least in my opinion. I spend a little to much time with my beloved PC Blu-ray or Blu-buntu, Depends who ur asking, trying to work out how exactly a stream socket connection works, rather than getting pissed down at the pub, not that i associate drunkness with friendship.

My point is, that i kind of hide myself away, buried beneath my work (self-imposed or not). I would like to apologise to all of my friends if they ever thought i wasn't very "friend" like. I imagine that most of everybody will wonder what i'm on Poppers and LSD, but this sort of just came in to my mind.

Plus this wouldn't be a sterotypical blog without me whining about some sort mental, and personal issue...

So that is basically a "in" to say invite me to every party going, cause i'm a crazy nergo, who's wild and exciting, thanks to those of you who have pretty much always been there for me , with or without knowing it.


Also i found this post in my archives, i thought i ought to update it...

Taken on my ebayed k750i

Now if you excuse me, i must dash to bed, i have my cousins wedding to goto tomorrow.
This post has been rated R; Raving nutter of a programmer

Quote of the Day
"We better stop talking about bombs, before someone gets the wrong idea"

Tim and i often drift a little off topic...

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