Thursday, August 17, 2006

One of those days

This one of those few times, when i can sit down and say, i had a good day. Mainly because the blane of my existance for the last couple months, the DTF redesign got the nod from the general managers. By the way, never leave for a meeting without making sure the site actually loads first. Anyways that was great.

In another news i've fallen in love with a Comedy/Drama Called "Weeds" which comes on skyone, check it out, i'm burning a copy of season one for a friend.

I've also finished learning C, now and i'm moving onto Java, which i've done a little of, already this week. The Gung Ho learning starts next week.

Plus I've got photos from my Brothers wedding, i did create a site just for them, however these aren't exact professional shots, just some nice ones taken on the 750.
Nothing Like a Sun Flower
In the Limo on the way to the Reception
From the otherside of the ribon
My Mum worked for two days to get all the flowers done, but compared to what other members of the family did it pales into nothing-ness.
Blue Roses?
The Church where they got married, thats my cousin Helen, who was the offical photographer
My Brother, and my new Sister in-law, Tamara, the Brides step mother's head, and the cheif brides maid's head, Elair(E-lie-la)

Quote of the Day
Ele "I didn't have a boyfriend for like a year, and then my mum just asked me if i was a Lesbian, because if i was she was ok with that."

It's always nice to have the support of your parents no matter the issue or circumstance.

Alternative Quote
Dave "Stacy doesn't mind if i play games, she just goes and plays Need for speed"
Me "Where do you find these girls?"
Dave "I don't know they just flock to me"

Uncool cats need not apply in daves world, party on, excellent...

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