Monday, August 28, 2006

Wine isn't that bad

No, this isn't about some alcholic adventure that i had over the weekend however i hear those maybe back in fashion with me heading back to uni. In fact this one is about my continuing journeys with Ubuntu Linux. Now first off i have the coolest desktop around, it spins, ripples, rotates, tints.

What we have here is Handhand basic, with the palm os Emulator for the Palm TX running natively in linux, with zero hacking. The only problem, is that the api call made by Handhand basic, for the fonts in the app preview pane, is unsupported by wine, so the fonts are screwed up some what. Otherwise it's kinda sweet. It compiles, and does all the things you expect, as for the emulator just works, rotates and does all the shiny stuff.

In non 1337 news, i return to university on the 23rd of september, i will have a little get together, hopefully even get Ele to come along,(how exactly that will work is another issue). Till then i'll send out E-invites :)

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