Sunday, August 06, 2006

Wedding Photos, 1st set

For those of you who are big on wedding photos, here are a couple (Three actually). All taken on my "new" SE k750i.

The Freshly married couple posing for pictures with friends. The Bride is my Cousin CollettMy grandfathers, sisters, daughters, daughter, they took the pics at a place called Coombe wood. The Groom is steven.

This is at the reception, As you can see the "top table"; featuring my cousins sister, Colleen; My Uncle Cleveland and Aunt Norma. Plus the best man and the grooms mother.

Lastly, Cake cutting time. Not bad pics for a phone.

Expect more on this theme, as my brothers wedding comes next week. Plus i'll throw up the rest of this photos on Flickr, for any of you crazy wedding=clock ticking people.

Quote of the Day
My Dad "How old are you now?"
Me "19"
My Dad "Oh, i thought you were 17"

An example of perfect parenting

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