Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why O, Why, One of my favourite if not my absolute favourite websites. Recently they rolled out Digg version 3.0, now don't get me wrong, it's great and all, but what the hell. You have great website aimed at techie's that isn't a fluid layout. Now my blog, isn't the best design in the world, but it scales, in every browser, and takes up the browser real estate. However digg, with designers so much smarter than i decided to have a fixed layout, sure the old digg did too, but for some of us, Mac users, and other power users, full screen isn't really a popular option. Digg, please fix it!

In other less rant orientated news, the Reunion went well. We all went out, i learnt a new word, or at least a meaning for an old word, beanie (it's no 4). I got turned away at the door of the club, cause uni dropouts, carry fake student id's, what can i say. Also viki bailed on us, as expected, but thats fine, her time will come ...

In other less opinionated news, wait, there is none.
Quote of the Day
Me "There are some real good books here, check out this one on Electrical Rectifiers"

The full house has a good section of literature

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