Sunday, February 19, 2006

Javascript enlightenment

Not that this will make sense to many of you, but i've been thinking of a new design for this fair old place. Now with a name like Russian Space Station there isn't much you can do. Well while doing my share of reading on Javascript i had a epifiny of sorts. I'm gonna redesign the place with a rising and setting sun! Basically it would use java script to calculate the time, where the sun would be etc. and insert the css into the page at "run time". I'll make some mock up's in photoshop and post them for the approval of you the worlds press.
If i do it right, it will be sweet, using no images, and maybe even some SVG images(Pictures made from words basically). Well theres my thoughts on that.

In other news i would like to say thanks to Viki and shell for taking me out and trying to get me drunk on wine, it's the little things that count. It's nice to see that those of us who actually stay at uni have a nice time...

Finally i'm working on a name to put my software releases under, my mum gave me a few suggestions, however the more the merrier. I would like non-tech related names please, something that actually makes sense to the general populus. If you come up with a name that i actually like, i'll give you a 10% shareholding. If it's really good or if you name is phil you get 15% ^_^


Quote of the Day
"Until you got the hair cut i was scared to call you my child"

My mum always lets me know that i'm loved


Veritech said...

right bigtime apologies, i can't spell to save britian from bird flu, sorry...

Gunner_86 said...

brand names? spanking midgets? girls with testicals? i have many more :D