Monday, February 06, 2006

Promise of a Threat

It's an Oxymoron, but it sounds cool so oh well. Anyways i'm back at home now. Trying to get my coding skills on. No word yet from Maplin's of watford, so we'll see what happens there. If not i'll work for low pay or bourbon biscuits, which ever is more. I post a pick of my desk one of thses days but for now i haven't start work on it yet. However i got my basic setup, my pc, a old laptop and a "head less" server for testing stuff. Since i believe in the open source model, and i'm too cheap to pay for a Sourceforge account i may move the blog else where so i upload my source as i work along.

Anyways currently in the development pot is a some javascript that will transform a normal desktop page webpage, designed for 800*600 into a version for handheld users at 480*320 or 320*240. How much "bank" will this net me, nothing, i do it for the love, and the fact that i'll paste my name all over the source code ^_^

Now if i'm gonna be some budding open source developer (who does .net work on side to pay the bills) i need a company name, right? Well i think so cause this whole "Dalrymple" name doesn't wash, any suggestions are welcome. Tell ya what anyone who comes up with a good name gets shares in the company... final amount to be decided nothing over 5% though, so board seat here.

Must go, laters

Quote of the Day
"Whats the difference between a threat and a promise, the tone and the sentence subject, for example i will kill you, i will help you; one word both are promises and depending on the tone, both could be considered threats"

It makes sense to me

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