Monday, February 13, 2006

One for the road(somewhat late)

{This post was meant to be posted last year on christmas eve but thanks to the proxy server it never made it, so here it is}


As i tap (on the T|X course) i'm on a national express bus on my way home. For some strange reason i'm really happy. Why is it strange that i'm happy? Well i'll give you some background

I've worked 8 9-6 shifts back 2 back.
I've cooked almost every meal i've eaten for 3 months.
I haven't eaten a proper meal in 2 months.
I haven't used bit torrent in 3 months

Anyways thanks to the wonders of batteries, flash memory, GPRS, and Microwaves, i'm gonna write a poem and post it on my blog all while travelling on a bus at 50 Mph.

One for the road...

I'm on the road now
I got to find a place some how
i quit my course, but not cause it was fowl.

the internet is where it's at,
law is great, but i'm not good at that

i decided to switch
but that created a itch

no course and in halls
my prospect falls
in rush i make phone calls

Ok, it needs a little work

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