Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My first App (sort of)

Morning, got my first brain wave of sorts today. It's purpose is to stop email addresses being ripped of webpages and used by spammers.
The concept is that the bots that do the "ripping" of email addresses ignore Javascript because parsing it would be dangerous, and could allow exploits to infect the bots. Therefore they only scan the code, and don't execute it. Therefore if you hide it within a simple javascript then they can't parse it, therefore the address doesn't get spammed, thats the idea at least.
While it's most likely not new, niether is it very complex, it works so here it is

//email anti-capture (EAC)
//Ver 0.01
//Jonathan Dalrymple
//Place name eg. veritech19 below
var name = "veritech19";
//Place name eg. below
var domain = "gmail";
//Place suffix .com .net etc below
var suffix = ".com";
document.write(name + "@" + domain + suffix)
//To save space, rip out the comments before applying

In the future i plan to build a form based generator for it, so if dynamically generates the code for you, and introduce some complex statments to make it a little harder to parse, Plus a "if" statement that would test to see if your human ^_^

Enjoy, more to come from the lab in short order

Quote of the Day
Mum "Is the bathroom clean?"
Me "No, i sprayed my dirty bath water up and down the walls a couple of times, and rub it in if you want."

It's nice to be back at home

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