Monday, November 20, 2006

Blackbook cometh

I can almost taste it, and i'm not talking about chinese niether. Expected delivery, the end of this week! Can i survive till then, i'm really not sure. But it's very cool that it comes straight from the source, and halfway across the world. I think this is a fairly good reason to take a trip to the far east...

In case your interested it is configured as such...

2.0 GHz core 2 duo
1 GB DDR2 5300 Ram
120 GB HDD
6x Dual layer DVD burner aka "superdrive",

for the pretty price of £850 after student discount.

Not bad to be the envy of most mac users out there, now if you excuse me, i need to see if i can find the plane on google maps...

Quote of the Day
"You guys need to either drop the roses, or stop walking together before someone starts getting ideas."

Couple of my mates worked over the weekend, and came home with roses, they happened to be straight homophobes, so i thought i ought to lay down the law.

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