Wednesday, November 22, 2006

China is a long way away

Right, i getting somewhat sick of hitting Refresh on this TNT tracking page. How long does it really take to unite a boy who has waiting 7 months for laptop with the apple of his eye? Coupled with this is the distinct lack of certain people, who happened to have disappeared off to sweden/bora bora.

Meanwhile i've downloaded every single mac application that catches my eye, All 51 of them. I've cleared a space on my desk, set a back aside to carry the Blackbook as it will be known. I almost wanna call them up, and explain to these folks who i am. Programmer extreme

Well it you see a plane with a black Macbook in the window, call me i'm expecting one.

Quote of the Day
Nick "They where drinking fish and milk on the stage"
me "And you wonder why i haven't been to jumpin jaks in two years..."

No matter where it is Hemel or Solent, jumpin jaks is always crap, and a exclusively crunked venue.

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