Saturday, November 04, 2006

If only i had the magik stick...

Howdy, one and all. I do still blog once in a while. Where can i start ... well i give you a break down of the last couple of weeks

  • I started a weekly pro evo gathering -
  • I'm obessed with someone (no it's not chloe, think fitter than)
  • My macbook purchase will be taking place soon
  • i spent £400 in my first month in town
  • I got so drunk i was still drunk the morning after
  • I'm Aparently cool in some sort of capacity.
  • and funny too, like when did that happened
  • I've geeked out way too much

Thats about it, keep your eyes on the flickr account as the pictures, will keep rolling in, maybe even a few of J (that isn't actally a code name), it's a actual person, seriously.

Right i'll catch u all later

Quote of the Day
Schuester "My friend at the apple store can get 40% discounts"
me "Does your friend mind doing me a favour... "

The macbook is coming!!!!!!

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