Sunday, November 26, 2006

No Blackbook, but loads of code

Despite apple screwing with me, i have managed to make progress in other areas. Diggr, an application that i started many moons ago, is moving ahead nicely.

The Database hookups, have gone in, and appear to be working nicely. The HTTP Lib that will enable the application to be independent of the hotsync, is almost at alpha/beta test stage. All that is left is the XML parsing engine, which will be the heart of this beast, and will be the make or break of the application. The quicker it converts, the quicker the user can start digging.

Here's a few screen shots from it running live in the emulator/simulator,

The nice n' shiny Diggr Icon, the red ring is actually a mistake. I'll remove it in later builds.

The main screen, from here you can digg stories, and enter the viewer screen as seen below.

The main viewer screen, there a few bugs in it, but it should soon look similar to my lovely mock up as can be seen in my flickr account.

Quote of the Day
"Hi my supposed senior member of stuff, thanks very much for the pay rise mark, 5 to nine and F*%* off!"

With great Incresed grits comes great responsibilty

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