Friday, November 10, 2006

Date Sickness

This epidemic is taking over the world, people left right and center are finding that they are no longer to entertain, their dates due to a mysterious sickness, some say it has links to freshers flu, others are doubtful saying that it may "pre-loseritist".

We spoke to one victim, Jonathan, from Southampton. "I asked this girl that i like round to dinner, but after cooking for her and one of my mates, i found that i could not summon the strength, to even talk to her let alone eat my own cooking."

We'll have more on this series of events in the near future...

Check out the new flickr pics, that i put up, most of them are of southampton, taken on my precious phone. Speaking of precious, it's taken me a week to work my way through lord of the Rings return of the King. 3 hours just isn't something i have.
This post is coming at ya form my Super T|X with it's amazing keyboard, and the GPRS hook up via BT (aka i love beening a geek).

Take care till another time.

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