Saturday, August 06, 2005

Future faces of Jon

So I'm getting old, sadly, and certain things just aren't the same. The main one of these things is my chin. There's stuff hair growing on it. So I thought, let me envisage myself in a couple years time(I hope) when I will actually have to shave. Now if I look knackered its cause it's 12.50 am on a Friday and excuse my teenage identifiers spots, my face is suffering what I like to call spot-o-rama :). Nothing like another spotty teen on the Internet...
So I decided to Photoshop pictures of myself to try and predict what I might look like with addition of that wonderful male facial feature, Hair. Bear in mind that these aren't meant to look perfect and my face better may change by the time the Hair starts kicking for real.

Ok, first to get this one out of the way, for everyone who ever wondered what Jon would like with one of those crazy "Rapper" afro's...

I always said it wouldn't be pretty!

Next up, my Mr T. Impression, Fool's

The king hasn't left the building, he just flew out to the West side,VV

Anyone ever read the Quran? I hear it's Good, but the Arabic always put me off.

Anyways if I ever grow my facial hair I think I go for something like this

since the Robert Pires look just doesn't work for me

Well after, like 7 years of net anonymity the whole net can finally photoshop see pictures of me, well I'm still better off than some people I guess. This was the 100th Russian Space Station post. Hopefully you folks will hang round for 200 hundred, and hopefully I would have actually met up with some of ya before then too.
Till the next time.

Quote of the Day
"You just kicked me in the balls, why not punch me in the face."

Keith from that Podcast thing I'm always cracking on about.


Faith said...

Now why did we have all the protesting you would look good with a afro

NikBiz said...

lol yeah i do agree, afro jon rules!

I'm also liking the Pires styleeeey