Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My Playstation 2 Mod

Some of you may know that i often speak of my Playstation 2 that mounted in a shoebox. Well i decided that since like only three people have seen it, i thought the rest of you might want to. It's not the best mod ever but i like it. The drive is stealthed pc style, access to the memory card slots is limited, however i could change it so that the controller is always plugged into the console within the box :) Anyways i like it, it works too.

Inside Reebok!

It's alive(sorry about the lighting but i wanted the LED's to be clearly visble to prove that it was actually working)

It moves(Disc tray with PES 2 loaded)

With a nice basket placed on top who would guess that there's a console in there.

Now after soaking all that in you're wondering what did that loser do with the actual case, well i hope to turn to that into the "Blu-ray mini" Running Linux, Sad yes, i have too much time, maybe; but i was bored, and it's better than getting an ASBO.

BTW, this is post 99! check back for the special 100th post for RSS, it should be funny for you and involve several pictures of myself, i might even throw in a couple baby pics if i'm in the mood.


Veritech said...

Before any visitors from Digg.com ask or say, yes this is the OP's Blog. But since it's my stuff i felt i ought to post it, before someone else does(if anyone).

Phil said...

Its nice 2 c the effective use of masking tape in action

nik said...

hey joooooooon

thought id let u know i remember to read your blog monthly...

when i say read, i mean skim through :D


Faith said...

John you dont always get an asbo when you go out. But i wish you would go out more as that ps2 conversion says alot