Friday, August 19, 2005

Southampton it is!

Ok folks. Looks like I'm off to Southampton. Spent most of the day sorting out fees, loans, courses, confirmation, etc. So it looks like I'll be moving away to the south coast. I'll be doing a Law Degree and should graduate in 2007. However I won't be going anywhere till October so I'll nothing to do until then, I might try and get a job, just so I can write a letter of resignation and say I quit when I ask for 3 years off.

Imagine I might have a little leaving party, maybe. Anyways that's what I've done to day. I'm not sure if I'll live in halls yet, but considering that I could have my own studio flat for almost the same price, I'm still thinking about it.

To clarify for anyone I'm going to Southampton Solent University not the University of Southampton. There like across the road from each other, but still different institutions.

Other than Uni news here's my funniest holiday photo.

Also while I was there I decide to try out a good old fashioned Kinder surprise. However I was actually surprised for once. The egg is separated in two, both separated by plastic film. In one is a very soft chocolate(spread like) thing with two chocolate balls spheres. In the other half is the toy. Which in this case was a sliding thing with a picture that went from colour to black and white, I rate it as 2/10!

This I believe it is the biggest Church in Malta, it's not on Gozo itself, but the main island of Malta. When I was there they were in the middle of their big annual religious celebration. There were fireworks and marches and such

Finally we went out to "celebrate" our results which was good. I only had a single pint, and we laughed our heads off mainly about Vicky's future. We kinda thought porn star/producer, some titles that we came up with were
  • Vicky does Vegas
  • Vicky's Vids

Anyways I informed everyone of what a Rainbow party. I also accidentally found myself in the middle of a "How to give good H..." Conversation, I'll say no more, Drink and conversations about sex seem to go hand in hand.

Anyways it was a good night, till the next post take care and I'll cya round.

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