Thursday, August 18, 2005

So the results are in

Ok, well there not the most amazing things in the world, but hey that's life. My Mum's a little disappointed but hopefully she'll get over it. Anyways here's what I got.

English Literature D
General Studies E
Psychology D
Physics U
History -

So I'm sure loads of people did better than me, so well done to them. At the minute I'm in the midst of sorting out my future. My first choice Hertfordshire, required 200 points, as I got 130 I'm not going there :( My insurance choice, Southampton only required 100 points; However I don't really wanna leave my mum at home alone cause I like being cared for. So I might have to go though clearing to find a course closer to home. Herts has offered me an alternative course which is like a the uni version of general studies. I'm not to keen on it but we'll see. The way I see it, if I'm gonna get my self a degree I at least want a degree and not just a diploma.

So we'll all meeting up tonight, but till then I got gotta focus on finding courses which is tiring, I was gonna go to Luton for all of 15 minutes till I found out they wanted 2 A levels, which I happen to not have :( So if I move to Southampton this blog might become pretty much the only way of contact between me and the world yeah right!

Another selection from the photo album, It's a church, there's something like 360+ of them in Malta

Quote of the Day
"I danced half-naked on the stage in front of several hundred people"

I won't say who I got this from my alter ego but this is why too much drink is a bad thing.

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