Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm off to "da G"

Up, up and away I go. Tomorrow I jet out to the sunny shore's of Gozo, a small island off the north coast of Malta. I got a nice Digital Camera so I'm gonna go photo crazy you can expect to see a massive gallery when I get back, too. So I hoped you all like the 100th post. I'll be growing the stuff in question while I'm out there so we'll see what 32 degrees does for facial hair.

anyways I won't be back till the 16th I think, (2 days from R-day!) so to keep you folks entertained here's some links so you guys can check up on me.
The Gozo Webcam: See what it's like in Gozo
Where's Gozo: Thanks to google maps you can check out the bay of Marsalforlorn(I think that's how you spell it:>)
The daily weather in Gozo.
Photo's of my new home for a week
What's up in the "G"
Some images of da G via Google images, {I have no idea who the woman is}

Finally I've switched,if you don't understand technology skip to the end now, you have been warned! that is to say I've dumped windows and got myself a sweet copy of Ubuntu Linux it's quite cool, however if you think you wanna do the same, bear in mind it took me two days to get MP3 playback to work, how I just need to access my MP3 collection :). It was actually quite easy but I was thinking "complex" so I did "complex" oh well I've learnt now. Here's what it looks like...

I'm not a full time "nix" user yet, but I'll move slowly if you haven't understood a single word or simply don't care it's not a problem cause it's not really an issue anyway, just my excuse to use a command line. Oh and my PC's now named "Blu-buntu" :)

Anyways till later folks keep safe don't do anything stupid like start a blog where you talk about yourself on a almost daily basis and I'll see all you good folks on the 18th,(thanks for the mail bignall), peace/Later/l8tez/asta la vista/ west side/ cya/check ya later/ Das vidanya

Quote of the Day
Post 101 is brought to you by Ubuntu, Linux for Human Beings

Could Mark Shuttleworth aka guy who paid mega bucks to go to space please send me a cheque, I take Visa and American Express however a free Plasma TV from that "Go-open" show would do me, or alternatively a 6600GT... Pleaseeeeee

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