Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The ranting's of a mad man

While looking for an old link in my site's archives I discovered that I indeed live up to my site's title. "So full of crap I decided to share it with the world". Nice to know I do what I say on the tin.
anyways spread amongst the hundred+ posts I discovered numerous references to the "D quest". I thought I should clarify. D stood for date, therefore date quest, simplified the quest for a date. If you can't work out with who you could be considered somewhat stupid. Anyways I've lost interest in that endeavors slightly mainly cause I seem to be quite crap it.
So I got six weeks left and I think I cut and paste write a little program to count down to the date I leave for university and put it on my site. I've been busy trying to become a top coder, by learning Python, after I'm finished with that I'll move on to Java script, and then I might dabble in Ajax. Why you ask, well it's either this or build a model of a AH-64 Apache that I've had down stairs for a year, and walked 6 miles to get.
Back to the title, I don't know how you folks put up with my almost daily rantings he rants personally I think I would of put the site on my block list, just so I could subscribe via RSS. As the non tech minded around you might have noticed, a lot of tech talk today, it's cause I'm in a programming mood, and I've been listening to MC Plus+'s "Have to Code".
The whole University thing has kinda bit me in the posterior, I was sorta focused on staying at home, and now I'm gonna be living on my own, a hundred miles away for 3 years. So might say I'm loser for even thing about it that way, but when you consider I've already lived away from my family for 6 years, sympathy will hopefully kick in. But hey I got four weeks left so I best enjoy it I guess.
Oh the holiday gallery should be here soon, I finally configured the "package" that I need to use called Album, so I'll be kicking that out as soon as I can be bothered. But right now I think I'll go and play that 1 year old game that I love so much, Pro Evo 4.
Finally in closing, I feel real old, and slightly bored, but hey. I'll just listen to my new anthem "Computer science for life" by the number 1 CSG(computer science gangster) rapper, MC Plus +.
[Close braces!]


NikBiz said...

hey there

hmmm i know I'd feel how u do abt uni. for me its local or nothin.

u'll have a blast though i hear.

well Matt Sharpe will be in his 2nd maths year there.
remember him from prom?
he dropped outta law there.. but.. im sure ur smarter than him! dont tell him i said that!

Gunner_86 said...

long time no see m8 hope the hols was good, i got an E in general studies...............yay

Not seen u on msn in a while u must be finding a way to prgramme the pc for the perfect pro evo tactics, or trying ur hand at ACii Art depicting vicki's breasts. :D

got a pc sorted for my house now CoD and all, getting Xbox 360 on release date, HHE goes "live" hehe

O well just thought i would say hi so....................hi.