Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This weeks top Ten: Places

Yellow folks, long time no post, been sorta busy spec'ing out Phil's new "rig". Funny that this is todays topiuc as i'm going away on holiday next week. So Blu-ray will get a break, and i'll be detached from a PC which is good cause i need something else to do. Before i go i should be redo-ing the site yet again. I hope it will be a nice change, went around taking photo's too. So on to the post
My top ten places
  1. Hong Kong: Its full of really tall buildings and i wanted to go there since i was about 8
  2. Japan: Most of my life i've lived in the western hemisphere so a change of sky would be welcome, especially if it's full of gadgets and other shiny cool stuff
  3. Dubai: Rich folk, big buildings, desert, what more could a guy ask for....
  4. San Francisco: West side, the bay area, hills, Golden Gate, Cali-livin etc. *enter popular west side rapper phrase here*
  5. New York: The big fruit where Chemda and keith hang out, the best example i think of a city in the world, rich side, poor side, all bundled in together, nothing like city livin.

  6. L.A. Like, its LA!
  7. Barcelona: viva espanyol, que camp nou?
  8. Moscow: Where the commies at, oh there all gone, damn! a decade to late
  9. Milan: two massive football clubs in one town/city, lots of places to see, i'm liking it, now if i can just avoid the Ultras.
  10. Egypt: Where those giant paper boats at? and why did they stick sand on them, nothing like ruining good paper!

Quote of the Day
You might be a computer geek if...
  • you can program in more languages than you can speak.
  • you believe Unix/Linux is the most superior operating system out there
  • your computer costs more and runs better than your car
  • your computer chair has the permanent and stiff indentation of your butt in it.
  • when you have to write with a pen, you find yourself using the Palm Graffiti characters.

According to this i may be a geek? Anyone wanna take me out any time soon? Party, drink, gathering what ever, just e-mail me or call me at 0798...

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Faith said...

Not LA

IT sucks

Been there and it SUCKS