Monday, August 29, 2005

Keeping my promises

A new day, Another week, Yet another fantastic episode of Twit.

As promised the Holiday photo Album

Anyways we played football today. Sort of, cause it was really hot and we especially me didn't really feel like playing at any sort of level. Afterwards myself and the legend that is Phil rode around with Anna and Hannah (any guesses as to why they are friends), in her Ka. I then attempted to apply my genius to fixing our COD server, which failed, so I'll have to stock up and try again.
So after my clear lack of fitness while we were playing today I've decided I gotta do a little something about my overall state of health, which is ok, much better than 2 years ago, but could still be better. Thanks to this helpful chart, I've worked out I'm about a stone overweight at the worst which isn't that bad considering I was 3-4 not that long ago. So how do I plan to fix this, well not eating as much chocolate might be a start, but hey everyone needs a release.

Anyways enjoy the album, it's runnin' of my home based apache server, so if it's off I apologise.

If you know what the words TCP/IP mean read on other wise skip this paragraph. Please don't hack my server all you net geeks, I'm aware it would be as easy as piss, but I got work to do and a down server would really piss me off before I jet out of here to south coast.

Quote of the Day
Hannah "We're getting some new meals at Pizza Hut"
Me "Let me guess, Pizza right"

Hannah and work, if only I didn't care about legal issues, the things I would disclose.

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