Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Amazing how cool things get boring real quick

Right i'm offically bored. Sure i got my lovely 19" but i now realize that monitors are actually quite boring things. Most sites look pretty plain maximized, Games are cool, but to much to fast gets boring real quick. I had planned to watch Star Wars Episode 3 but i accidently reset my pc while downloading. So i only break the law once a day gave up. Anyways on a good note i completed my Verisys site today. Its looks nice minus all the damn adverts, but hey its free. Anyways a few days i bought my first pair of domain names which are & Theres nothing there yet, but hopefully there will be in 2 to 4 months soon. If your wondering what they are for you'll find out when the site(s) go live. So don't bother to ask cause i'm not talking(if your wondering, yes, i am doing that annoying thing where people tell you just enough information to peak your interest, not not enough for you to understand the story)
Anyways any recommendations for what i can do with my new toy. I'm already teaching myself ASP, javascript & PHP(programing languages). Plus i can't bother with the whole pirate scene, in fact a Job would be nice around now, SXGA resolution comes in handy for that actually, gonna have to try that one.

Anyways i spend the day by myself as usual so i'll leave a link of the day Unless you guys really wanna hear my thoughts

This link will be of importance you know anyone with an ichav/chavpod

Link of the Day
As Errol Rose made preparations on Monday to bury his 15-year-old son, Christopher, who was killed last week in Brooklyn during a fight over an iPod, he received a telephone call from a stranger. The man spoke in tones that the grieving father said had momentarily quieted his anguish.


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Faith said...

My god that is so stupid

John has webspace

So when we going to be expecting a pwnage site then