Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Noob Hat

Evening folks, to your right is Mike in the noob hat. Almost cute isn't it? Anyways got quite a few pictures to share with you all. But first i would like to give dan his honourary link. He has decided to start his own blog. 5 posts so far so keep it up my friend. On the issue of posts i'm on my 89th! I think i'll do something special for my 100th baby pictures maybe, or something of that type.
Anyways back to the pics, I spent most of the day with Big T aka trunley and mike. so here's another photo of me aiming
an assasalt rifle at his head while he was playing COD. We talked about the clan and stuff and the defunct server, which i have now fixed and is running away hosting TDM matches, with no "punkbuster", but oh well i'll fix it. Final photo is related to last thursday's terror attacks. This is the turning for Edgeware road tube station. As you can see its all boarded up and police are everywhere. I saw a couple of bomb sniffer dogs while i was down there too. Well thats about all my photos. Any of my users with firefox can now enjoy the blog like its meant to, one single line of code was messing it up, simple but its fixed now so thats good. Also i got my second story on the digg front page. Instead of people dying this was about some new features in microsoft's "new" operating system codenamed "Longhorn" but will eventually be known to the greater public as "windows" it should come out next year sometime, however it was meant to be out about three years ago, so hey you never know. Well thats about it, so till next post cya all later.

Quote of the Day
Dave "Do you know what your supposed to do if a workmate gets in contact with the {power}lines?"
Me "...Push them off"
Dave "The offical proceedure calls for you to jump kick them with both feet, off the ground, away from active line."

So thats why dave works for a power company

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