Friday, July 15, 2005

Ever had that sinking feeling

Right, so remember i had that fantastic idea(which i never told anyone) and so i registered some domain names. Well my podcast idol, Mr. Curry, sorta upended me. I'll give no more details but i'm somewhat bitter, however i kinda knew it was coming. But i think our ideas differ ever so slightly so i might still be able to co-exisit with adam, i think the net is big enough for the both of us.
Anyways i made my appearance at at school today, i think i'll have to spend tons of time at home again to come with fresh ideas that Mr. Curry won't explore with his creative geinus.
So where was i yes, Dennis is really smooth at proposing memo to self, don't watch eastenders while blogging. Anyways Jason asked me to post this picture that the lads managed to snap in one of those crazy "pank" filled moments.

What else i got another story on the Digg front page which was cool, strangely my account now says "4" instead of 3, but its all good. Anyways over the next week i'm gonna be very busy, i gotta learn either ASP(active server pages), JavaScript or PHP(php: hypertext preprocessor), Fun, no, interesting, no, good for my CV, sort of, why are you doing it, cause i can.]
Till tomorrow Rock on people, oh and what the hell i do you folks want me to write about on sunday? Leave a comment.

Quote of the Day
Mrs. Miller "Are you having sex with him?(him being the father of her couple month old, baby girl)"

Eastenders, gone mad

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