Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Counter-Terrorists Win!

Those people who said that CS was boring lie!! Especially when you play it real life. Fully equipped with BB guns, myself, George, Punisher(aka Dave) and Phil turn a "small" home in grovehill in to "cs_dust". Fun, oh yes nothing like shooting your mates. Anyways our game was unfortunately cut short, when my biggest fan hurt herself. As a consequence, The server admin(Phil) decided that FF was to big a risk and called it quits. :( But we're going again today!! So maybe we can get our CS on.
Lets see, what else was I gonna talk about, George wondered what my PC's (that I build not blu-ray) looked like so I thought I would post a pic of my personal favourite.

Nice don't you think, its only 20 CM wide, 30 cm deep and 20cm high, about the size of a shoebox I always say(don't worry I'm not gonna start plugging my products on my blog!). You can click the picture to find out how much it will cost ya, but I'll tell you now its not cheap, and no I'm gonna talk margins no matter how much you ask.
Some of you might have heard me talk about the Purepwnage series, Its getting bigger slowly as in more famous, cool & funny stuff,(see a clip here) it's great so check it out.
Well that's about it for now, Dave will be round to get me soon, as we're gonna go shot each other hopefully later. If phil's reading this "no one has too know :)"

Quote of the Day
My Mum "Did I embarrass you when I called you"
Me "why would that embarrass me"
my mum "well I thought afterwards that you might be embarrassed"

My mum showing her brilliant skills of forethought, love ya mum!

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Trudi said...

Yes, apologies to all for the injury to my right foot... if it has affected you in anyway... :)