Sunday, July 10, 2005

Different, no?

Evening folks, as you can see the site looks a little different now. This little change took me a while but it lets me show off the beauty of Jupiter. Plus as a aspiring "web designer" its important to try and show off your skills. If any of you are clever enough to use the best web browser in the world, Firefox, my apologies for the poor layout issues I'm try to sort it, honest. I'll be tweaking the site over the next few days till I get it perfect :)
Well as I haven't been to a new school in the last week, therefore no "past post" this week. So I haven't really got much to share but I did have some ideas.
  • The handful of people I've fancied
  • My fight history
  • My two cents on any given topic aka "a rant"
  • Tech talk(an excuse to geek out)
  • Suggestions?

Well that's it pretty much, leave comments on how you like the new design of the site, if you hate that's fine, just never bring you virus infected browser here again just say and I'll consider your opinion.
Also a special paragraph to my biggest fan(yes, I have fans, I was shocked too), Trudi, so I spent a little time and removed the Red eye from this wonderful photo, to say, Thanks, for reading this perpetual load of crap on a almost daily basis. (So if your eye colors are off, but hey I'm still young on the photoshop skills, there's always time to learn)

So thanks Trudi and I hope you continue to mind your own business read, and I continue to give you a reason to come back (yes phil, i know your in the picture, and yes you are a legend, but its Trudi's time in the spotlight :))
Well folks until the next time something interesting happens in my life You might wanna not visit for a while , take care

Quote of the Day
"This is bill, he's a protester removal specialist"

Amazing what you can do for a living nowadays

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Trudi - Jon's biggest fan lol said...

Thanks Jon lol !!!!!!!!!