Monday, July 11, 2005

Computing, Old Skool

I love digg so much because of stuff like this. When I was about 6-ish my family got its first computer. We got one cause my mum taught typing and so advanced word processing was where it was at in 1994. Anyways this PC was an Amstrad, one of these infact.
Old skool komp
My brother loved that PC, he programmed pong(he didn't invent it just complied it on our system) this bomber game and some other stuff. We thought that it was cool until our aunt came to live with us. She was doing an computer engineering degree and had one of these, a Commodore.
Old skool komp 2
We never got to use cause she was worried that we would delete all her work, but we just used it sometimes when she was out :) What was really cool for me to see is that our first PC and my aunts had 4mhz and 7mhz of processing power respectively. Blu-ray kicks out 2023mhz!, in fact my Clie kicks out 200mhz! So its amazing to see how much the world has changed in a decade, imagine all the stuff by the next decade, kinda scary, but I thought I would share that bit of past info with you folk.

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Nik said...

I had a Commodore 64! i thought it was brilliant.