Saturday, July 09, 2005

Westwood!! Pimped my ride, Holla

Ok, confessions time. I secretly like Mtv's Pimp my ride. Big "Rims", "Phat" speakers, and "tight" interiors. Yeah I'm a closet modder, I admit it. Anyways ages ago I heard that there was a UK version hosted by Gangster "officialnaldo" Tim "Big dawg" Westwood. But I never saw or heard anything more after that rumour. Well surfing the wonderful web today I found that in fact it did exist! I still think Westwood is a "neek"(check out urban dictionary) and can never be as good a host as Xibit, but hey who cares its the cars not the presenters.

Anyways you should all be wondering who that lady is in my last post. Say hello to Mamie Van Doran, Actress, and general Celeb, Born February 6th, 1931 as Joan Lucille Olander. No she's not dead, she's 74 and that photo was taken in May this year! She used to go out with Howard Hughes! Here's a couple of links about the lady
Her movie/stage career
Her personal webpage
That interesting bit of info comes to thanks to you via Keith and the girl, check it out.
So folks there's hope for us all, I hope I don't look like that when I'm her age. DD tits on a man, I shudder to think.

It was nice to finally leave my house after 4 days, and I get to it again tomorrow, oh and beer tastes like piss, so all you little kids looking for P0rn while your parents are out, listen to me now, Beer isn't all that however, if you add a little sugar and ... it tastes like piss End of Story! Anyways Taras party was gd i hope Chris' will be great too, cya later everyone, and thank you for visiting.

Quote of the Day
Ben "so why you not trying to get any of these hot girls"
Me "Some people think I'm gay"
Ben "Hey man that's all good what ever you gotta do, I'm cool"
{leans away from me and look quizzically at me}
Me "I'm just joking, I'm straight"
Ben "Nah its cool I'm ok with that, be yourself"

I hate drunks sometimes, Ben, an acquaintance of michelle, now thinks I'm gay, What do people want, sex on the dance floor(staight sex that is!)?


Faith said...

You need to change the text colour to white really john casue it was a pain in the arse to read

Veritech said...

Its a work in progress
:} i got some layout issues to fix, but i haven't got time at the minute should be done sunday night.

Faith said...

Hey all check out my blog at

Phil said...

Jon which def of neek do u mean theyrs abt 20 m8?

Veritech said...

Geek +Nerd=neek