Saturday, July 02, 2005

Loose lips, Sink ships

Thats right folks you heard it here, and i'm not talking about lips below your waste so no strange comments or emails please. The story behind the title is simple, basically i was witholding information from a couple of people, then burted out the person in questions name about 5 minutes after the convo, completely by accident.
I've seen alot of cool website designs in recent weeks and i gotta say that there are some real tech artistsgeeks out there. Take alook at this site for some examples of what i'm talking about simply amazing work, i'm goodor at least i like to think so but these guys keep the net in context.
Here's an example of "CSS" coding at its most creative.
Anyways away from my geek off my baby is coming soon(no, me and clare didn't get it on), i'll explain more next week with pictures of my glee and happyness etc. Oh and since i mentioned her name out in the open heres my 2 centsheart emptying experience on that topic. I'm an idiot, who spent to much time trying to be perfect and screwed up a perfectly good friendship up as a result of my Genius. That felt good. Where was i, yeah i think i might adopt this every otherday blogging thing over the summer works better when i spend extended periods by my self(once again no funny stuff). Anyways i'll see you lovely school folk on monday, don't worry about me i got dreamweaver to keep me company.

Quote of the Day
Josh "You wanna play a few games?"
Me "Not really i was gonna read an article"
Josh "Well Carl beat me like 10-1, and i need someone to batter"
Me "Ok, since your on a downer i'll just complete the rout"

Competitive to the very end My love affair with PES 4 Continues(I won 4 games out of 6!)

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Faith said...

coolio Johny we look forward to driving over you on monday

got some nice war wounds to show ya