Sunday, July 24, 2005

New series: My Top Ten's

Good day folks, as my new weekly series of content, I've decided to do my top ten. Top Ten of what? Just about anything people, things, words. This week is for the more masculine and petrol heads among us. I'll admit first off I know very little about cars, Yes Jon doesn't know everything :(
So here it is, My top ten cars, organised by if I had tones of cash which ones, I would actually think about buying.

  1. BMW 745
    : My dream car, I actually carry pictures of this on my Clie, I don't like the new 2005 model, but this car is what I would want. I know there are bigger engines, but this is the actual model I would buy. List Price £60,000
  2. Mercedes Benz SL-55 AMG: It's a nice looking car, what more can I say, real expensive too, but cheap compared to other stuff in its class. The 2005 version looks even better. List Price £110,000
  3. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti The only ferrari for me. If your gonna pay so much damn money at least travel in style, screw the whole "no carpets" for the sake of performance thing, I want a ferrari that looks like a ferrari inside and out. List Price £177,000
  4. Mercedes Mclaren SLR: I'm sure you were all like, "so no super cars in the top ten?", just one and it's real super. List price £314,000
  5. Aston Martin DB9: It's an Aston Martin, what more Ian i say, Bar the names Jon, Genius Jon List price: £120,000
  6. Mercedes Benz E Class: i like the whole dam range!Starts @ £27,000.
  7. Mazda Rx8suicide doors, cool rotating engine things Starts @ £17,000.
  8. Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch: It looks cool, and it's fairly cheap Starts @ £12,000
  9. VW Golf GTI: It's compact and sporty (i'm not gay, notice no Ford KA's here, ur ok Char!)
  10. Mitevolutionvoultion VI: No tuned cars all list, so this one had to get thrown into the mix, i'll take two superchargers and a phat exhaust please! List price £14,000

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