Saturday, June 11, 2005

All Tanked up on benadryl, and nowhere to go

Good day folks, Well it might have been for you, but for me, it wasn't that great. My physics exam went down the toilet as expected, I apologize for wasting my fellow tax payer's money. Plus I was late to the exam, mainly cause I spent a little extra time to tank up on that great stuff known as benadryl.
Benadryl Allergy Relief starts working in just 15 minutes and lasts up to 8 hours. Which means you can experience all the joys of summer without the tears of hayfever.

What pisses me off is where's the bit about, "after 8 hours you'll feel like crap and need to have a nap to feel normal again." So anyways, I got Jade's network up and running, sort of, funny thing is I did what I needed to do last time I was there, but didn't wait long enough for it to work itself out, so by the time I came back today if was working fine, LOL, stupid but true. I tried to introduce her to Podcasting, I imagine she now thinks I'm some what of a freak, but hey you win some you lose some.
My big news of the day, or at least what was meant to be my big news, failed to materialize. This was my little trip to the cinema with a acquaintance of mine. Unfortunately "stuff" came up and it never happened, of well there's always next week I guess/hope. Contrary to what some people think I'm not depressed by the situation, I don't have a stiff drink to my right, and a fully loaded glock to my left. I just happen to like her a lot, and am a little jarred by the lack of progress(which in many ways is my own fault, LOL). Well let me not bore you anylonger with the state of love life, and or lack of it.
At this moment in time I don't know whether MJ got locked up or not, I don't really know if he's guilty or not, but I hate to see talented people go to waste. In other news, not.
I think that's about it, I find I'm starting to fix more and more computers, my plans for world domination are coming together, ha ha ha ha ha, sorry, got bored. Finally Dan asked, why I put so many links in my posts and what was the point of them. Well as my life is fairly routine, I decide to spice up your reading of it by linking certain words to different things around the net that are either funny within the context of what I'm talking about, or just relate to stuff that I'm talking about. I do it all for you :). Example, the line "lack of a love life" links to Virgins website, see the connection.... Interesting experiment for ya, try googling virgin, that's what I call a web-monopoly, Well done Richard Branson, Legend.
To wrap up here's a fairly interesting video I found, no its not p0rn, so sorry Dan and mike maybe next time, but it is freaky. I think I might start doing a link of the day too, but they will get boring as I only read tech stuff, pretty much. Plus I'm gonna try and shorten down the posts, getting a little silly now, don't you think... Remember its part 3 of the Back in the day series this Sunday, so take care everyone till tomorrow, cya

Quote of the Day
Me "Lets tie Charlotte up, put a funnel in her mouth and pour random crap down her throat"
Charlotte"Jon, shut up and get laid"

My love affair with Charlotte continues


Nik said...

Hey me nigga

Faith said...

And theres me thinkging that my mind is twisted but that video thing is GREAT

We want more pron and less talk

Faith said...

Oh yeah and i forgot to add this on the previous one

Can you do a new credits for the frog video for me please. We shall chat on msn about it