Saturday, June 25, 2005


Mike tries to make up his mind, Burger or tits...

Evening, so for not turning up at school today. I got all chav'd up, then I sat on my bed and fell asleep... So sorry {waves}. Anyway its been fairly slow day, saw the new freaks join the Big Brother House, gotta love those folks, or not. The worst bit, is don't we all know someone we could compare them all too. (I'm not Derek, last warning!!!!). Hope you like the picture, I've Been wanting to post it for ages, but kept forgetting, infected its older than my Blog, April 13. And if Charlotte reads this blog, I have your picture slightly "modified", all well and safe :).
I recorded the first Confessions of a Geek Podcast tonight, its ok, I just play music really and don't actually talk about anything, so just as well I decided to quit it, lol. In case you didn't hear I'm quitting it to start a Clan confessions Cast, with the members of HHE.
Anyways take care all

"Take the cucumber, so I can stick it up my F***y."

Big Brother newbie, Kinga's take on acceptable uses for vegetables


Faith said...

Make sure you come in on monday john

Nice picy

I was going to say somthing important but it is that good i have forgotton it

Oh well might rember later, doubt it though

Gunner_86 said...

wooo do i get to brag about my pwnage in the clan podcast

Veritech said...

of course, now we just gotta see who else is interested

Charlotte said...

Im not liking that pic Derek!! And as for the other 1 u keep that to yourself!!!!