Thursday, June 09, 2005

Being prepared, or at least trying

Well my physics revision went really well, not. I think i'm really gonna fail it tomorrow, and no i'm not getting nervous, when you look at an exam paper and can't remember how to anwser anything till you get to page 4, its a real bad thing. Well maybe i ought to read this before tomorrow. Oh well, maybe physics just isn't my calling, niether is anything with numbers, writting, and hard work, ummm, maybe not then. Imagine if you would, a world without numbers...
As usual i sat in front of Blu-ray, and surfed the net, most of the day, i did actually try to revise, but when its not going in, its just not going in.
In other non exam related news, i popped round Alan's aka the "Pirate", to have a look at his computer, as i do, no my way home i bumped into the legend himself(Phil) feeling the effects of hayfever, like myself, damn itching eyes!! Anywho, he was with one of my "Fans" Trudi,who for some strange reason actually reads this converlooted page, good on ya, so a special shout out to her and Nik who i know drops in every now and then, and Daniel, and any other regular readers that i have. So as i was saying, they(Phil and Trudi) were off to see Mr. and Mrs. smith, at the our local cineplex. Hope it was good, cause i should be going tomorrow, who with i hear you ask, oh no one...
Ever wonder what your name means, i did, so i went to this site. It said
Idealistic concepts and rather spiritual issues. Accordingly, it is a number with potentials that are somewhat more difficult to live up to.

They obviously heard about my 6 a-levels and ridicous multi-tasking, if that doesn't quite do it for ya you can do your birthday as well. The birthday ones are quite interesting, afterall i never i was 575 Billion seconds old.

Finally, the people in Big Bother are still weird, i'm not like derek, trust me, or i'll hurt you(or at least try)! I hope you like clowns, cause even if you don't i'm gonna show you some, ha ha ha ha, "I'll be back... Tommorrow, lol"
Attack of the Clowns

Quote of the day
Me "Hi mum"
My mum "Can you do me favour please"
Me "Depends what it is.."
My mum "Can you water my Garden"
Me "Are you having a laugh, its 10.30 at night"

One of thousands of examples of my mum taking the mickey


Nik said...

duude sorry ive neglected ur blog lately actually...
... with the state of my net its often not worth the hassle. no offence! lol

fancy fixin my pc? hehe

Faith said...

You sure you want him to do that

Ahhh by the way John.... I have been doing some editing and think that the new frog death video rocks