Friday, June 17, 2005

I think i might faint, catch me...

Even after yesterday i'm still feeling faint, which i think is normally a bad sign. I'm struggling to stand up right quite often. No i haven't been smoking. I think i might need to a little sugar boost.
So dan wants to join me on da Podcast, thats cool, i gonna record a test show fairly soon, and see how it goes. I got lots of topics, i just need to cut out my Damn "i'm on Air" american accent.
I'm spending my whole day in the LDN(London), going shopping for trainers, so the nice torn blue ones are going bye bye.
I set up our clan server today, not sure if its working properly yet, but we'll see how that goes.
I'm getting lazy with the entries, no links, more pictures, hey if you like it that way, far enough, but with this dizzy spell i got going on at the spec i can't be asked to put much more.
Well enjoy your saturday, cause i'm gonna enjoy mine, cya later.

Oh yeah, nice link for ya all, about the dangers of drunken purchases, enjoy.

Quote of the Day
"DJ gave me a message to give ya, he said to give you a disk and tell you to change some stuff for him, but that was last week, and i can't remember if he said anything else"

Steph's world class messaging abilities

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Faith said...

Great site john

Might soon be fewatured on there oursleves