Saturday, June 04, 2005

Short days, long nights

Good day, one and all.
its quarter too 3 in the morning so i'll make this brief. :)
Although the Pro cup was good it didn't live up to its billing. Only 7 Players turned up. l went out in the first round, wasn't completely my fault. Carl won, but we didn't like the way he did, so we didn't pay him the prize money lol.
My first real site nears completion, unfortunately it won't be done by the time i get back to school.
Incase you ever wondered what exactly Jon does, i run two businesses, Verisys Computers,which sells PC's & Jupiter Media Solutions which is basically a graphic & web design company. I'm not loaded but i make a little cash.
Anyways i gotta write an English Essay today, then it's off to the fair with "everyone". So with such an exciting day i best be off to bed, which i'm already in... :)

too tired to write anymore... Night...


Faith said...

John dont go that "fair" really does suck

I chalange you to a game of DoD

Gunner_86 said...

haha "fair" is awful, just for the record i spanked DJ "faith" earlier on call of duty muahahahahah,

where was my invite to the pro tournament u no i woulda won :P:P

Faith said...

Yeah Yeah i know mike

I spent a good minute sneaking round on that map only to find noone there

Also all your spawn killing team