Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Whooo, bring on wednesday

Its like 1:30 in the morning, and I, Jonathan, am a Legend, Just kidding. Today, we played Football or for our friends across the pond Soccer. All the Outlawz where together, in the same place, at the same time. Anyways, great game it was, Astley vs Adelyfield. I can't remember what the scores where but it was about 5-5 last time i heard. Great game all in all. Fay asked me to mention her, so here you go. Nice to know that people actually wanna be on my site.
I experimented with Podcasting, yet again, i discovered a couple of things,
    1. My life alone, is way to boring for a verbal medium.

    2. I hate the sound of my own voice, i sound like an American!!!

So with that the idea's fading, but i did decide that i would call it the RSS podcast, you'll never guess what the RSS means. However, i might ask me brother if he wants to join in on one, especially as we don't do much together anymore. I imagine it would end up being about sport, :)
Hopefully my beloved business should be moving servers soon, to a nice dedciated server with no crappy advertising, if i do expect the blog to get alot better, i got great plans (visually) for this place.
Today i got a few things to do, revise is at the top of the pile, install jade's wireless network, with her brand spanking new and extremely hackable WRT54G router. Sad i can't keep it, alass, In the evening i should be going out with you know who, for the record i would like to state, that if it doesn't happen its my fault cause i'm a shy idiot. But for one day only i'm a smooth talking, cool guy. and lastly more coding work, i got this cool zooming thing to work on some my pictures, it rocks if i may say.
Well thats it for another day, its 1.55am, i need to sleep so my fingers can rest before i sit my ass back here to hammer out some webpages, Good night, Good Morning, Good Day, Benuos Noche, Benuos Dias etc.

Quote of the day
Adelyfield Team "EEEEZ,EEEEZ,EEEEZ..."
Trunley "Yeah, like your mum"

Dave, getting into our little ACS v Adleyfield game

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