Monday, June 27, 2005

Skype's cool

The clan got together to slag off each other via skype. which was a lot of fun especially as mike didn't have a mic. Anyways the Clan Cast looks like its gonna happened, so I'll send ya all the link when it happens.
Anyways charlottes off to Cyprus, so enjoy, if you wanna see that picture of her I told you about look here.
Pretty standard day otherwise I graced the shores of ACS with my presence which I'll do again tomorrow, but with a bit more work ethic, and better dressed, :).
My favorite site on the web Engadget has been down, for a while at least on my end of the world, I miss it so.
Well unless you folk wanna see pictures of my vomit, CYA tomorrow. Oh and in case your wondering what that is the picture, thats my PC's with all the lights turned on and the real lights turned off, :).

Quote of the Day
Rob "is it true your brother only has 4 fingers on one hand"
David "Yeah, he's got one finger for a thumb"
Rob "Awhh let's see"

The fascinations provided by the human body.

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Anonymous said...

Dam you John i wanted to see that picture not some crappy one