Saturday, June 11, 2005

I'm in Google, sorta

hi there, my day started with a phone call from my brother, somehow, someway he thought i was meant to go and meet him in Croydon aka the getto's of South London. But he had kinda failed to tell me that we were going in the first place, oh well. We went downtown and he brought himself a new phone, i got a magzine and we left Josh behind, lol.
So you read the above paragraph, and thought what does that have to do with the title, well yesterday i googled my full name, and i'm 5th from the top, whoo, unfortunately my first name or just my surname still doesn't turn up any results that relate to me. You might also notice some other references to me in the stated search, those are my news group postings, where i "try" to help people with technical questions.
The post is cut down, and slightly crap, my apologies, oh how i wish had a Podcast... Anyway i still hate derek from bb, and i'm nothing like him, the good weekend post comes tomorrow, you'll all be too drunk to read this when you get back from your nights out, cya all tomorrow.

Quote of the Day
Josh "You got spare cables right?"
Me "Nah, thought you had them"
Josh "You should have called me, oh yeah you had my phone"

The demise of our usual saturday Pro session


Veritech said...

Just realised, that my sites fallen

Veritech said...

Damn speed pad, as i was saying my sites fallen in googles ratings so its not actually at number 5 anymore, lol, its now on either page 2 or 3. misinformation, sorry.

Faith said...

Dam john get your infor right to start with