Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Geek overload

Ever wonder what happens when good geeks go bad. Well jade found out today, i installed all her lovely hardware, then failed to get it to work, lol. So now i gotta figure out what the hell i did wrong, i fear that unfortunately it may take me a while, alot to do with IP address and such. Anyway i think i might be doing to much have a look, i'm revising for 3 exams, building three websites, developing 2 software applications, running a business, doing extensive favors, gaming (just a lil bit), making a music video, teaching my self different programming languages, looking for a job, i think thats about it, not including my 4 hours a night of tech article reading, never knew you could get cpu coolers so big. Oh well i guess this is life, hopefully life will look alot better soon.
Anyway i've neglected my beloved blog recently, and i'm sorry blog, forgive me...
In other news, i now hate a large selection of the big brother housemates, don't get me started...
Wardrobe malfunction, lol i love that phrase.
Its dawning on me, slowly i might add, that school really is coming to an end, and the soppy guy that i am, i just wanna say i'm really gonna miss all of you, or at least most of you, (sorry mike, lol). Although i've done it like six times making new friends at uni is gonna be a pain considering a bunch of perfectly good ones already.
Finally you may have noticed that the magical references to the "D quest" have become fewer in recent days. Well its not because i decided it was stupid or cause i decide to quit, i simply forgot, lol. Well actually i knida quit it after i found out(figured it out actually) some information, which turned out to crap(apt, lol) so its back on, the "D" is scheduled for thursday, if i screw it up, look out for one depressed geek.

before i go, Win XP just told me that my page file is too big and it needs more memory, so when i check it out it tells me that with 3 programs open, my page file is 1.2GB's, its usually about .3GB, its not even .6GB when i'm playing COD, dam poorly written software. Oh and sorry the quote of the day is Crap but hey you are kinda prewarned.

Quote of the day
Could someone please shoot them

My requests to the world for a swift end to the lives of certain members of big bother

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Faith said...

You do way too much

Tut tut tut john breaking jades pc

Oh well good game today