Monday, June 13, 2005

Amazing what these modern gadgets can do

Evening folks, knacked again. Not cause I've done a lot, but because of those damn Hayfever pills. Usual day really, it's really starting to hit home that I'm finishing school, scary plus anyone wanna give a genius(semi-ish)a job, please, lol. Anyway I decided to empty all the pictures on my phone, so here's what I got, enjoy. Anyways that's about it for tonight. In case you missed it you can see Part 3 of the back in the day series here. Take care till tomorrow, cya.(Trudi, I'll post your pics tomorrow, thanks)

Oh and before I forget, ever wanted to remind your self, or tell yourself something in the future, this site gives you the opportunity to do so

Quote of the Day
Me "Look Vicky, it's a Black Hole"
{she turns in the direction I point to}
Vicky/Victora/Viki "arh, you.."

Vicky's amazing intelligence at work, In her defence she's actually smarter than me

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