Sunday, June 19, 2005

Livin' in Londn'

Evening folks, l'm in the car on my way to Croydon.

12:37- So far Josh thought you get a train from Euston to Brixton, Hard considering Brixton is in the south and all outbound Land line trains go North! Scott almost got a ticket, I told the taffic warden the law, which only pissed him off further. Fortunately he found in his heart to let us off, so thank you Mr. Sodji.

12:55- We all just ate, Patties and Dumplins, well the latter was for Josh. We're actually going shopping now.

3:39- Shopping complete. Got a pair of trainers , Nike air's i think. Josh and me bought two massive Ice-creams, 5 scoops for 2.99! We're off to Scott's flat to get his stuff before we go back to Hertfordshire.

5:41- Several games of pro later we now actually going home now. Got a couple things on my mind, sorta work/attitude, strange but true.

12:01- I'm off to me bed, Pics to come 2morrow Cya

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